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Ordering food online is a flourishing business here in Amsterdam. Deliveroo, (, Foodoro and more recently Uber Eats are all trying to get a piece of the pie.

More interesting is’s move to go public (TKWY) to attain additional capital to survive in this highly competitive market.

The Dutch company is active in many other European countries but their main revenue still comes from the Netherlands, followed by Germany. The company is also active in Asia.

The company had almost a 38 million euro loss in 2015.

Uber EatsDeliveroo Foodora

Q4 2016 update

In their recently released Q4 2016 Trading update the following statements are being made:

  • 54% year-on-year total order growth in Q4 2016
  • 38% year-on-year order growth in the Netherlands in Q4 2016
  • 55% year-on-year order growth in Germany in Q4 2016
  • 90% year-on-year order growth in the Other segment in Q4 2016 order overview

Nothing is mentioned about revenue or profits yet. Their annual report will be released on March 15, 2017.

After the company’s Q4 update their price per stock increased to 32 euro (starting initially at 23 euro).

Does has a sustainable business ready for the future? What do you believe?


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