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As we are reaching 2018 it is time to prepare ourselves for the top 5 WordPress plugins to use in 2018.

WordPress is an amazing platform and with these top 5 WordPress plugins your site is ready to rock and roll.

1. Sucuri Security

We cannot emphasize on this too much: security is quickly overlooked and all sites can be hacked when left open to the public. With the Sucurity Security plugin installed you’re preparing your company against a lot of trouble.

The plugin gives you a good overview of which items within WordPress need your attention and can give you alerts when something suspicious is happening to your site.

They also have a commercial plan that is incredibly helpful for protecting your site. It gives you access to their (worldwide) firewall environment so that you have always up to date protection to any cyber threats.

2. Yoast SEO

It makes you wonder why this plugin is not installed by default within WordPress. It gives you a lot of tips and suggestions on how to improve your site related to Search Engine Optimization. Writing content for Google (or any other search engine) has never been so easy.

Yoast SEO gives your pages a score and also so suggestions on how to improve this rating.

It also has een solid integration with Google’s search console and can generate breadcrumbs.

3. Gravity forms

Handling forms is almost a basic part of any website or web application. Gravity forms just does this perfectly. It’s easy to setup and create forms within an instance. Gravity forms is also easily modified for custom enhancements.

Another big benefit is the integration with Zapier to share the incoming forms with any other application like Salesforce or subscribing them automatically to MailChimp.

4. Toolset

Using custom post types within WordPress is one of the key features why we love using WordPress. It is so easily extendable and the Toolset plugin helps a lot for this.

You can easily extend WordPress to allow any time of entity to exists. You can create for examples Persons, Destinations or Products. You can also add custom fields for any of your custom post types. No worries about WordPress being not flexible enough!

5. Woocommerce

Another excellent plugin for WordPress is Woocommerce. The perfect plugin for all of your E-commerce adventures. Easy to use and easy to configure you are running your own online store within a short period of time. Woocommerce has a lot of free and commercial extensions available all for your personal business` needs.

In combination with the default functionality of WordPress and the ease of extendibility it’s hard to choose anything else.

Secret 5 – Polylang

Any website often needs more than one default language available for their visitors. Sometimes it’s Dutch. Sometimes it’s English. Sometimes it is both. Polylang seamlessly helps changing your site and content to a multilanguage environment.

This is our WordPress plugins top 5 2018 edition.

What are your favorites for the new year?

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